Comment: If you're planning on freeze-dried food when TSHTF

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If you're planning on freeze-dried food when TSHTF

then you'd better be ingesting it now, too. That stuff is full of MSG and other chemicals (even the ones that say they have no MSG or no MSG added -- the "natural" ones. Gums like carrageenan, guar, etc. are hidden MSG, preservatives, flavorings, it's a big, chemical, toxic plateful). If your body is unaccustomed to it, you will be one hurting puppy in TEOTWAWKI.

Canned meats, etc. are better bets for good digestive health (and overall health). Remember, you can shock your system with rice and beans 24/7, too. And kids will develop food aversions quickly. Stock your shelves with foods you can eat NOW and foods you can rotate. Canned meats are not as good as fresh but the next best thing. Canned, frozen or dehydrated whole, single vegs not as good as fresh, but you get the point. PB&J for kids is good; whole dehydrated foods (vegs, fruit, eggs, etc.) with no flavoring (MSG, chemical-laden) are pretty good.

$1000 will go a lot further thinking all this through then just purchasing buckets of entrees and pre-made meals.