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I'm kind of paranoid, so I study a lot and hoard... ;-)

Anyway, you sort of need to look at it from different perspectives. If you're bugging out, you need one kind of food (lightweight). If you're staying put, then you'll need stuff to get you through until you can grow, catch, kill, etc. your own, or to use after the fresh/frozen stuff is gone.

We have canned meats and vegs on the shelf, as well as Nutriom eggs (awesome). We've canned our own meat/vegs and purchased cases of others. We have chickens (4 eggs/day for my family of 4), and we're growing a pretty big garden this year. We have stores of rice, beans in plastic containers, as well as wheat & corn to grind when needed to make bread. I've put up 8-10 rotating boxes of other stuff the kids like: organic mac&cheese, PB&J, crackers, etc. It's not much, but it's there to fill in when the kids get cranky. We have two full freezers of beef, pork and chicken.(You may need alternative energy to keep them going.)

So, when the freezer meat runs out, then it's on to canned meat and fresh eggs. When we can't get fresh produce, then we'll have canned, frozen and dehydrated (Harmony House has non-GMO, no chemicals at all).

Rabbits are something to consider for protein, but you can't live on them. You'd need to add some kind of fat, though, since they're so lean. Same with deer. That's why I'll always hope to have chickens. Can't beat fresh eggs IMO.

Your ideas to can and vacuum seal are great, as long as you have a way to preserve them off-grid.

So, for me, the answer is to layer in lots of contingency. Good luck!!