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Believe me I know about chickens and rabbits

We've had chickens as long as I can remember. My dad was just telling me last night that building a chicken coop "was a good project for you(me) this weekend". My grandfather used to keep rabbits but I'm not sold on the little devils. They're good at getting loose and ,unlike chickens, the rabbits will run away lol. The only problem with chickens is that they aren't the best animals at staying alive when you let them loose. I've found the eggs taste better when the chickens eat yard bugs instead of feed but a hawk, coyote, or fox will always get a chicken or two if we let them roam for too long.

You make a good point that frozen food will only be good as long as I have power. I don't think meats are the best thing to store though anyways. There will always be squirrells, chickens, rabbits, birds, and other critters to eat if I can't get it at the store. My biggest concern is water

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