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A few things

First, are the people saying that PETA is "horrible" the same people who have "no" problem with butchering horses? Because if not, you're generalizing and that doesn't hold any water in my view.

Second, there is a difference between slaughtering an animal for consumption an being open about it, and pretending to "love and care" about animals, only to kill them by the thousands while duping others by tugging on their heartstrings.

Third, your alleged membership with PETA doesn't add any weight to your opinion for several reasons. For one, I could just as easily turn around and claim that you're biased in PETA's favor, and two I could just as easily claim that you're simply making it up.

Finally, this thread, along with you making a post about how you want to delete your account, seems like little more than a poorly thought out rant based in emotion.

EDIT: Also, could you please refute the claim that PETA regularly kills the animals they "save"? There is plenty of evidence of PETA's wrongdoings and general "wackiness", but little in the way of anything that shines a positive light on their methods.

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