Comment: Do you realize that he was a hero to mankind?

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Do you realize that he was a hero to mankind?

That the crime against humanity known as anti-trust was invented by those who were unable to compete against him on the free market?

That he saved more whales than all other humans in history combined?

That he enabled more people to achieve education than any other human in history?

That his innovative secondary industries (after-market products from oil refinement) did more to lift the so-called middle class out of poverty than any other industrialist/inventor (including Edison) has ever managed to do?

That the FMSM pilloried him for decades much as they pillory today's achievers?

That Americans and indeed the whole world fell for the FMSMBS because of the whole "Progressive Era" PR blitz?

That his descendents were untalented and relied on trusts to avoid personal bankruptcy?

That the Rockefeller Foundation does a lot of evil in the world now because no one (including self-professed libertarians) seems to care any more about his benevolent legacy or his good name?