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You know, when I first heard

You know, when I first heard him, I thought him an honest man that gave me similar vibes to RP. With RP, I may not agree with him on everything, but he was consistent and honest and that's what mattered most.

So even though I knew that it would be a given that Carson would most likely differ on some key issues (like gun rights), as long as he was an honest man, a solution could be worked out.

But now I'm getting some doubts. His similarity to RP is VERY coincedental and the timing of his appearance (right at the beginning of the new cycle) is very suspect as well. Not too mention that he has been appearing a LITTLE too much on the news to my liking.

I recently created a thread discussing how scripted politics was right here:

And after making that thread, I suddenly realized that Carson fits this narrative perfectly. He fits it so perfectly, that it's almost eerie.

I won't judge Carson, since I don't have enough information. But I'll keep the possibility in mind that all of this is scripted.