Comment: Inflation batteries

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Inflation batteries

I have a theory of part of inflation that I have used for my own understanding:
Inflation--the increase in the money supply--is not necessarily manifested in increased prices. When it is, it often shows up in the form of "batteries." Examples of batteries are housing bubbles, education cost bubbles, medical cost bubbles and the stock market.
These batteries, large and small, accumulates money and shield the rest of the economy from manifesting the inflation through price increases.
With these various inflation batteries, the rest of the economy may even show price decreases in spite of an increase in the money supply.

I believe that more often than not, an increase in the money supply will mostly go into a myriad of these inflation batteries, and therefore delay the effect on general price increases.

When these inflation batteries are discharged, the traditional 'inflation=price increase' manifests itself through a general increase in prices.