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Yes, thank you

You did a better job of saying what I was going to attempt.

Related, everyone oughta try plugging these terms into a search engine (I prefer

Sonny Bono
Michael Jackson
Age of 27
Laurel Canyon
Big Sur
Mind Control
Music Festival
George Lucas
Anton LeVay
The Nine
Gene Roddenberry
Black General
The Vatican
Kevin Annett
Diana Spencer
Dutroux Affair
Franklin Scandal

Has anyone seen that episode of Samurai Jack where there's all these kids out in the woods at some rave? All red-eyed and zombie-like, transhumanist attack drones. Jack the avatar, of course, the biological vessel through which the magic blade does its thing, sliced & diced 'em. Ha.

"Transhumanist attack drones," you say? Try adding this term to the mix above: Transhumanism.