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Look at their biology!

A dogs entire digestive tract is designed for a carnivorous diet! If these maniacs aren't forcing their pets to eat a diet that is not natural for them why don't they give the animal the option to choose on its own? Do they ever give the animal the option to eat meat? NO, they structure the pet's diet on what makes THEM feel good. A raw diet is the optimal diet for dogs but these people refuse to feed their dogs ANY raw meat. They FORCE them to eat a bullshit diet composed of foods the animal wasn't naturally designed to eat. You can't get around that fact. It doesn't really matter if the person feels okay about doing it or not, or whether they feel that they aren't doing anything bad. There is no legitimate reason for them to make their pet conform to their moral ideal. I'll say it again, if feeding their pet the diet it is intended to eat conflicts with their morals, get a pet designed to eat a vegetarian diet not a cat or dog. It's selfish, PERIOD!

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