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Wrong and wrong...

1) Bitcoin is decentralized - certain aspects of bitcoin are DISTRIBUTED but not decentralized. The code that manages the chain is designed by a central authority. The distributed processes must check back in with each for agreement. The use of the term "decentralized" is meant to imply "freedom" and "independence". This is absolutely not true.

2) Bitcoin is anonymous - absolutely not. Not even bitcoin developers claim it is anonymous. They say it is PSEUDO-anonymous. "Pseudo" means "not really".

The chain contains a unique address for every bitcoin account and a record of every transaction ever made. Although at first this may cause someone to go "Aha! they only know me by a number and not my name or address!", but the science of "temporal aggregation" of digital streams is well advanced by decades and in common use by law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world.

Temporal aggregation correlates digital stream patterns over time to identify users and content. It has been proven by several groups that the names and physical addresses of bitcoin users can often be gleaned with little effort using temporal aggregation. See

Law enforcement agencies big and small all over the world long ago developed Tor tracing. Tor is the primary transport for bitcoin transactions. Tor is currently nearly solely funded by the US STATE DEPT and was developed by the US MILITARY.

The weight of the evidence points to bitcoin being designed specifically for tyrants to track it and its users...

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