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Congresscritters need to be confronted

on this issue.

You are correct - this *is* big -
40 million adult Americans with
NO Second Amendment rights?

It is also a potentially winnable high
profile issue transcending the phony
left-right paradigm. Something for
all those people that were flocking to
RP rallies last year to *do*.

People in states where medical marijuana is legal or
legal in general (CO and WA) can be consuming marijuana
in total compliance with state and local laws and still
considered felons under federal law if they possess so
much as a single live round of ammunition.

If the NRA accepts this it should be publicized and
they should be exposed for the hypocrites they are.

Same goes for Congress - we need to ask every single
one of them and repeatedly whether they support criminalizing
the exercise of fundamental rights for nonviolent acts
of a personal nature. Let's find out who the real friends
and enemies of our civil liberties are.