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Comment: Sounds like Anarchy to me. Sucks aye?

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Sounds like Anarchy to me. Sucks aye?

"Your argument is full of contradictions. How are the "people" who form a government different from the warlords you castigate in another post?"

They succeed while Anarchists fail.

"When you equate a few people with all people, you are nothing better than a useful idiot. "

There will always be people like you Anarchist. It's not about "all the people". What matters is those willing to fight and defend what they believe in, and the world is living proof that Anarchism loses in the fight against those who chose government.

"There is nothing noble or divine about majority rule. It is mob rule writ large. It is a stampede of the masses trampling over the top of any who question or object."

Sounds like Anarchy to me. Sucks aye?

Democracy sucks too, and as you know, this isn't a Democracy. We can ignore the people who scream about all taxation being theft. They aren't worth listening to, and we have a system worked out to deal with them called justice.

"Unless, of course, they choose a different path than you and others in your kool-aid government cult have determined as the proper path. Stop being a mindless sycophant for big government power."

Like I said: Don't opt out, GET OUT freeloader.

You're free to choose another path, and I suggest you choose a path that leads you far far away. Do it! LEAVE before justice catches up to you.