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Comment: It's all about jurisdiction.

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It's all about jurisdiction.

It's all about jurisdiction. It's very important. Are you subject to Statutes that have the "force" of law" because of your voluntary pledge of allegiance to that international corporate agent which is the US? or were you naturally born in one of the 50 States of the Union and are thus a National of that country under common law? The former grants you "Civil Rights" by the government which can be taken away or abridged at any time, and the latter provides you protection of you Natural Rights under the Declaration of Independence and the State Constitutions. In the jurisdiction of the US, which is limited to DC and the US Territories, you exist outside of the protections of the US Constitution, for the Constitution only has force and meaning within the jurisdiction of the 50 states. To be a State National and not a National of the US is to be a "non-resident alien" of the United States but places you as truly one of the People referred to in each of the States' Constitutions ans well as the organic Constitution for the united States. You could, as an alternative, choose to be a stateless person. But I believe this to be a risky venture as it places you outside the protection of any lawful jurisdiction.

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