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No I am not I am looking at

No I am not I am looking at it as a stand alone currency. You are the one making a comparison with FRN's not me. Value is not determined by the amount of pieces of paper it takes to exchange for it. It is determined by the amount of goods and services it can purchase There is no bubble demand does not cause a bubble. If there was no other currency then bitcoin tell me what would it be worth right now hmmm?

You can't you are assigning value in terms of FRN's and calling it a bubble. That is incorrect. A bubble is caused by debasing currency by arbitrarily adding money into the supply instead of letting the market determine the amount of currency needed.

In terms of FRN's bitcoins will continue to increase in the amount of FRN's it takes to trade for them that is not a bubble in bitcoins that is a bubble in FRN's. The fact that demand is causing that increase is directly related to the debasement of FRN's period.

Again remove all other currencies and tell me what the value of a bitcoin is?

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