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Boo Hoo

No body, other than severely handicapped individuals, has illiteracy forced upon them. These individuals chose what they saw was an easy way out as kids. I grew up in a dirt poor family but learned to read at a local library before I began attending first grade. My kids both knew how to read before they attended public school which was quite a problem for my oldest. The teacher decided that she was going to shuffle my daughter off to a remedial unit due to her constant disruption of her first grade class. The teachers explanation was that my kid couldn't pronounce th and sh sounds properly. Of course she had no front teeth at the time which didn't seem to concern this teacher. We demanded that test be run upon her which resulted in her being booted up two years in classes. Kid was bored in first grade, problem solved. Both my kids attended public schools and received very good educations, of course their mother and I were very involved in all aspects and left nothing to chance. My youngest even got an almost free Ivy League education. You get what you put into it, nothing more, those individuals who decided that there were things more important than reading and arithmetic should not expect any remedial compensation other than that which they choose to work for.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.