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Comment: Thank you for the hope.

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Thank you for the hope.

This is a world we need to create while the old paradigm falls apart. Yes it IS a matter of choice. Stop depending on the present system as much as possible. Stop feeding the beast.

Bitcoin is digital currency. I am a little leery that the old paradigm bankers will get their hands on this and find a way to profit and control. What happens if we lose computer access with the crash of the old banking paradigm?

Ultimately the elite want a cashless society that will allow complete control over the masses with e-banking. It is their ultimate goal.

At this time Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), allows state welfare departments to issue benefits via a magnetically encoded payment card. You can only buy what they ALLOW. Otherwise the transfer does not work for a purchase.

We need to be careful about our future currency choices, and not get trapped by the slippery elite AGAIN!

Thanks for a very hopeful post. It is a direction to go.