Comment: Here was my comment on Winter Storm Ukko (lol)

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Here was my comment on Winter Storm Ukko (lol)

Here is what I sent to my group....

This is from and I thought I would share with you.

Make no mistake....these globalist psychopaths are totalitarian even try to control the weather. Now, it takes ALOT of taxpayer money to do this, billions and billions of dollars. No problem. Americans pay taxes twice...through their tax payments and then again through INFLATION. (if you don't understand that, then google it.)

What REALLY grinds my gears this sort of naming of the winter storms like they are hurricanes or something. The Weather Channel, is going to burn in hell for this.

It is laughable. You have to laugh at the insanity of the Illuminati sometimes because they are so deranged they just can't help themselves but try and control the weather and name eastern winter storms. (Notice they don't pay attention to the cyclones that sometimes are cat 3 hurricane strength over the Pacific Northwest. They are soooooo centered on the NE US.)

Pity. America (what is left of her) is a BIG country...with LOTS of rebellious free-thinking people and LOADS (haha "loads") of guns.

We WILL not be destroyed. Here is the post from and if you are as uncomfortable with naming "winter" cyclones like hurricanes with names (and totally weird names at that) as I am...then give me a SHOUT OUT.

~Christopher M Norfolk, VA (Below is the article).

Norfolk, VA

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