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he said

"We need to tell the Iranians, this is where we THINK the weapons are. You NEED to LET our inspectors in there. If they don't we blow the place up. BUT, we don't have to send in all these ground troops in there. We don't have to occupy countries."

is that because we can just "blow the place up"? his words, not mine.

he is talking about using drones and other means to impose sanctions instead of troops and occupation of land. "Think", "Need to let"? really, those are "probable cause"?
"cause i said so"? lol...

Cop pulls you over.
"Sir, i SUSPECT you have stuff i don't like in your car, you NEED to LET me search it, if you don't, i'm going to blow up your vehicle."

i don't know when this video was shot, but years ago i would have said to bomb everyone too... just saying... people do wake up...

it is pretty absurd to say "blow the place up" because you suspect something though, you gotta admit. it's not like he said, "they are attacking someone, so we blow the place up" ... na, he said, "IF we THINK they have something that WE don't ALLOW them to have..." which is another absurdity in and of itself. who are we to grant the "allowance" of anything? we must think we are Gods.

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