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I appreciate your opinion, but it's irrelevant.

The scientific method is very specific. You repeat the same test over and over and get the same result each time. That's what's called scientific "proof".

We can test the sun rising each day. We can test the doppler red shift. We can test gravity on Earth. And we'll get the same result each time.

You cannot test specie to specie evolution. But the scientific method requires repeatable tests yielding the same results each time in order to obtain a scientific PROOF. Since you can't do it, you can't prove it. End of story.

Feelings and opinions about that are irrelevant. It can either be proven via the scientific method or it cannot. Since the tests for it cannot be repeated, it is not scientifically provable. Belief in it as proven science is a religious belief because it IS NOT scientifically proven, nor can it ever be.

Even Charles Darwin himself knew this which is why he said his own theory is not scientific. Recall, I also believe that evolution was LIKELY, but I do NOT believe in it as any kind of science and realize that it was possible, but it's probability is not demonstrable nor is it scientifically provable.