Comment: All good except for bitcoin, which depends on digital tech,

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All good except for bitcoin, which depends on digital tech,

internets, etc. If it's digital / online, it can be tracked (tracked = taxed... they'll find a way, believe me!) or easily shut down. I suppose "for the moment" these things can work.

We cannot count on internet. Period. It will ultimately go down / be restricted regionally / be so utterly infected with surveillance that it will be useless. Off switch and all that.

We must remember: they will not leave us alone until the whole system crashes and they do not have the resources (LOL! OUR resources) to enforce / run interference /etc.

Quietly local is key and may be the only way we can survive when things get tough (Which I believe is your point.). Long distance comms and transactions will be tough at some point (when SHTF--remember, they're gonna try to bring us to our knees at some point). Not sure what the best alternatives are, however; all radio comms can at least be monitored (interfered with?). Cell phones, forget it. Traditional mail = government institution, so it, too, can be controlled / monitored / censored / prevented.

Hmmmm.... This is tricky. We still have things we need to figure out for longer distance interactions.

It depends on when a revolution can occur and what that revolution will look like / embody. Will we rise up in enough numbers (and enough organization, without which NOTHING can be accomplished on this point) to literally jail / physically remove our corrupt government officials and the leaders and henchmen of their enforcement agencies?

Because yes, it may be over for them, but they will not go quietly; on the contrary, these terrorists will go out clawing all the way. And they will do as much damage as they can on the way out. Microeconomies can perhaps be stable, but the greater economy cannot be so until we have social / political stability. (I know I'm stating the obvious!)

What would the Founders do?