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What the???

Look, the bitcoin proponents on the DP are certainly passionate. But you are also extremely antagonistic and insulting. (Yes, I understand that some detractors are also insulting.)

All I want are answers to questions about the privacy, security, and future of bitcoin. I know how to use Google but I want YOUR perspectives.

Unfortunately some of the supporters refuse to engage with meaningful discourse and would rather insult people. The following message has been received loud and clear:

"If you're not using bitcoin your an idiot, unpatriotic, you don't know how the internet works, you're not worth explaining it too."

Yes, this is the message many of you have sent.

I have serious concerns about the recent increase in price of bitcoin. I see trouble on the horizon and no bitcoin proponent has yet convinced me that this price rise is normal and that it will simple level off at some point without crashing.

I have concerns about the privacy of bitcoins. Every transaction is public knowledge and someone posted a site that actually studied the ability to connect accounts and track them and identify users based on data from websites where transactions were made.

Others, myself as well have concerns about internet and/or power outages and its effect on the ability to use bitcoin should it become ubiquitous.

I have concerns about the US government now requiring bitcoin exchanges to register AND collect the information of their users.

I have concerns about the relatively small value of the bitcoin market as a whole and the ability for total market distortion by the government.

These are real concerns whether or not the bitcoin proponents want to address them or admit them.

The fact is I can go spend cash right now anywhere and no one has to know who I am and no paper trail will lead back to me or any account number that could potentially be associated with me. In this regard the dollar is more useful than bitcoin.

I can spend dollars without the need for electricity or the internet. This also makes dollars more useful than bitcoins.

In no way am I try to say that the dollar is the ultimate currency, it's not, but neither is bitcoin. Your enthusiasm for it is great but your over zealousness is hurting your ability to grow the market and its usefulness.

All I want to see is honest answers to the concerns of those who are genuinely interested in bitcoin, such as myself. You have no idea how many people you turn off by making accusations about their fidelity to liberty or their motives toward bitcoin. If you'd calm down you'd see that most people are not attacking bitcoin and only trying to learn more about it.