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Oh good lord

I'm not going to talk to any of my local vets about proper cat/dog diet. Why? Because it's obvious by their peddling of Science Diet (overpriced garbage) that their primary concern is not with wholesome pet nutrition. I will, however, take the advice of Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Barbara Royal who are integrative and holistic health veterinarians. They both promote a raw diet for cats and dogs.

Dogs are not both carnivorous and omnivorous. They are carnivorous. A carnivore is animal that "derives its energy and nutrient requirements from a diet consisting mainly or exclusively of animal tissue, whether through predation or scavenging (wiki)". Their biology indicates that they are carnivores:

"To say a dog cant survive without meet is like saying humans cant survive without meat."

I specifically stated in my last response that a dog could survive on a vegan diet, but it is not ideal and it is selfish on the part of the owner to FORCE this on them out of misplaced moral militancy. Not only that, but the statement doesn't make sense. The biology of dogs and humans is entirely different so to suggest that they are equal is absurd.

If someone wants to feed their dog meat it's more than just "fine", it's *natural* and optimal for the dog!

Here's another article for you to consider regarding the implementation of a vegetarian/vegan diet for cats/dogs:

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