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this debate was in a much better format than the first. i like the improvement. and both tom and stephen had great points.

i find it hard to believe that tom has never heard of a monopoly of force. he's not a stupid man; it's quite obvious that the state gets a free pass to aggress where the people cannot without punishment.

stephen's rape punishment scenario was indeed scary. and did i hear a "central database" in there? so there is a central authority in a voluntary society? yes, that is big brother, and merely a replacement of the current system; not a revision of it. point goes to tom on that one, imo.

stephen, i think, "won" over all. but, i like tom...a lot. this man has something to say. his point of view is valid and strong.

i think tom won the last debate, but it could have been due to format. anyway, i wonder who he'll debate next. love these!