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Tom mis-interpreted all the great Anarchist thinkers and Stephan did not capitalize. Stephan has been using the same two or three arguments for years. He should go spend some time studying Mises, Rothbard, and Hoppe to name a few. I think the Anarchist side is not being well taken by Stephan anymore. This in and of itself is a great thing - the conversation is spreading and surpassing the ideas of its founders. And speaking of Founders: Ours [America's] are so revered by Minarchists for thinking the unthinkable, but after the failure of the Minarchy, why do Minarchist not applaud the brave minds that venture into such forbidden frontiers as abolishing the legal monopoly of taxation, force, and final word in justice (including matters that involve itself) in a specific geographic area?

Even with Stephan fumbling, Minarchist simply cannot argue with the elementary solution to social order: Anarchy.