Comment: Those are all valid questions

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Those are all valid questions

Those are all valid questions and you bring up some good points however I think you are missing the point a little. We are already on a digital currency except it is centrally controlled using their computers and their systems etc. That is how they track it. Bitcoin is peer to peer the only way they can track it is by us voluntarily giving them information. Don't volunteer for theft anymore.

Anytime bitcoin is brought up I hear What if the power goes out. I say well what if the dollar crashes? Also if the power goes out FRN's will be worthless too it will crash the economy. However with bitcoin a transaction could literally be made with a small solar panel and a battery if need be. But that is why you should put away gold and silver too. In the meantime we are in the digital age and Bitcoin is the first free market in currency of the digital age. They don't create it and they can't control it! We control it!

Your point on quietly implementing this is well taken though!

The revolution is now my friend. We are all sitting around waiting for some shoe to drop before we act when we need to simply implement these freedom technologies now that is the revolution. If we have them in place when their phony fiat currency inflated economy crashes we will just smile as we watch the last drops of dew from the old paradigm disappear into the morning sun.

Can you see it friends? The morning sun is coming up over the horizon! It really is up to us stop waiting for them to do something! Now get to that spring cleaning we have a freedom based society to build!

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