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I have never

liked Peter Schiff. He usually talks a good talk, but I find him unpleasant and abrasive to listen to. Plus, the fact that he comes from one of bad old banking families, etc.

His flippant statement here just reinforces my dislike of him. Moreover, I have not to date seen or heard adequately convincing evidence that Iran represents any real threat to the US at all. The hype is all and only for the sake of Israel -- a country that is NOT our friend and with whom we have no defense treaty.

But Israel has our politicians by short and curlies and uses its intelligence, I am sure, to manipulate and blackmail our government. If Obama, for example, had anything at all he really wanted to keep hidden from the public to protect his position, he would be very easy to blackmail to support Israel, wouldn't he.

No, Peter Schiff is not one of us, I fear. He is one of them.