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You act as if the anarchy is a new idea

The idea of Anarchy was pushed during the founding generation. Ever read the Anti-federalist papers? Minarchism didn't fail, the people running the system did.

What people fail to realize is that Minarchism IS anarchy, true minarchism is being left alone, the government remains large enough to protect, but small enough to be pushed around by US when they get out of hand, we stopped pushing them and they are taking over.

This exact same thing would happen under an anarchism rule.

Who is going to stop me from forming a group of 500 loyal townsfolk and looting the next town over, then completely dominating them?

Who stopped the looting and raping during Katrina? or during the Hurricane that hit NY and Jersey?

Anarchy is flawed because it requires everyone remain good-natured. At least in a minarchy we have a support structure people can't mess a point. It's a deterrence, like a lock on a door, minarchism wont stop people, but the idea is to slow them down long enough for us to respond. Anarchy removes the deterrence and allows free reign for anyone with the power to wield it.

Anarchism is like Marxism, both are Utopias that require everyone to "do the right thing." Neither is realistic.