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I made a similar comment earlier about how an increasing number of people seem to be taking on an "exclusive" attitude when it comes to whether or not a given individual is "libertarian enough".

What does that even mean? I thought liberty was all about diverse opinions and all that idealistic jazz, when in fact it's more of the same garbage that made me dislike D's/R's in the first place. Oh, did you deviate from the norm, even slightly? Poof! You were a freedom fighter ten seconds ago, and now you're a warmongering neocon who loves Israel, and probably has connections to the Trilateral Commission. It's beginning to border on the ridiculous...or typical, I can't tell the two apart anymore.

There are times when I can be rude, even a flat out jerk, but it's almost always to get a point across. So, I understand why some people here choose to take a more abrasive approach. What I don't understand is the elitist mindset that I brought up earlier. Then again, it seems to be an inevitability, given the nature of people.

Us humans really are quite the collection of paradoxes and contradictions, aren't we?


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