Comment: It's unfortunate he doesn't

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It's unfortunate he doesn't

It's unfortunate he doesn't expand beyond economics into foreign affairs.. once you get the economics down the rest is simple. Having met him I know he's got an ego though and that makes it hard to learn from others. But even his dad seemed to have a better handle on foreign affairs than Peter from what little I have read.

But on practical economics you can't get better info that Peter Schiff. He's certainly no profiteer, a profiteer uses the government to create a situation to allow a profit. IE artificially manufactured arbitrage opportunities. He's certainly opposed to that.

He's definitely about austerity, which is just another way of saying the deeper the debt hole you dig the more painful it will be.

Austerity isn't a strategy, it's a result of debt. He wants to have the result while it's still survivable.