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Comment: OP in denial about Peter Schiff

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OP in denial about Peter Schiff

The OP is probably referring to my post about Peter Schiff. Well, if you want to go and support someone who openly claims "he would've gone into Iraq" after all this time and that the US should "just blow the place up" referring to Iran's "nuclear" facilities, then go ahead.

Just know that the idea of invading your neighbours property because he refuses entry to your thugs is not "non-interventionist" - it's just more of demented neoconservatism that's pretty much destroyed the USA.

If you believe blindly supporting warmongers because they agree on one or two things you do, then you also inherit and own the moral culpability for the crimes they commit on your behalf. You are responsible for your actions too. If you provide aid and comform to a "terrorist" or a murderer, then you participate in the conspiracy and are liable. Just the same way if you vote for and support "liberty candidate" who then get into power and kill a million. You own that too.

I, for one, refuse to be continuously hoodwinked, scammed and robbed by Jewish supremacists who pretend to have my best interests at heart. Benedict Arnolds EXIST and it's naive to operate under the assumption that they don't. You only need look at RP's 2012 campaign to see that.