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Comment: It's not "casual" if your religion says the following

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It's not "casual" if your religion says the following

1) That you will be body-locked 'till judgement ("sleeping" in peace or restlessness for many millenia)

---Thanks Jews


2) That you will be burned forever-ever in Hell for not giving Jesus his props (it would literally take 5 seconds to be "saved")

---Thanks Scriptura Sola Christians (protestants)
---Thanks Martin Luther for making this up


3) That you will be burned forever-ever in Hell, but you first get a "2nd chance" at salvation in Purgatory -- IF you bow-down to Pope, Catholic Church, Mary, and Christ (must be all of the above). If not (then) you go to hell.

---Thanks Catholics


4) You will go to heaven if you kill infidels -- where your reward will be 70 virgins; who are spoiling waiting for you to arrive???

---Thanks Muslims.

Boy -- it's hard to decide which religion to chose -- well all of the "extra" crazy ones were born out of Judaism; hmmmmmm, can I handle a 2000 year body-lock restless sleep, sounds better than burning for ever WITHOUT parole (no thanks Protetants) for the slightest of offenses.

Is there another option?

Oh -- Reincarnation!!!

Buddhism is a lot easier -- you keep coming back 'till you achieve in meditation the state of bliss -- which is like hands-free masturbation (essentially); without spilling the "sacred seed", a sort of internalized hands-free masturbation (if you will).

So I sit around trying to be happy without external triggers -- thus freeing me from external trigger dependent joy AND suffering.

If I fail -- worse thing is I come back again? If I was a "good person" on top of meditating real hard I get to come back to a good (spiritually propelling family)?

I'll take Buddhism for the Win -- but can I be a Buddhist who never reads or believes on any scripture and still get the fruit-platter?

Just meditate and be good -- Why yes, they have the kind of "buddhism" -- one that does not require externalized worship or historical personage worship.

Be Kind and Meditate -- that's my religion. No dogma. No language. No sharing of anything other than "how-to" techniques.