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Truth hurts

So I guess you're saying we should all criticise warmongering and denounce demented neoconservatism except when it comes from the liberty movement?

Sorry, I'm not an Obama voter or a Bush voter. I actually take responsibility for my actions and the people I support. I understand I am morally culpable for my actions and of those of people I support.

I no longer support Peter Schiff. He is another Jewish supremacist and a danger to the republic, just like the rest of the demented neocon crowd. He should be condemned for advocating the mass murder of Iraqi's and Iranian's, not applauded. He should be denounced as another pro-Israel warmonger and part of the crowd that has been destroying the republic.

9/11 might not matter to you, but it does to me. There's no chance in Hell a pro-israel warmonger like Schiff would ever open a new investigation into 911 and investigate the dancing israelis.

Feels good to flush this proverbial parasite from my conciousness. Good riddance Peter Schiff.