Comment: The scientific method is black and white....

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The scientific method is black and white....

...and is independent of your or my opinion.

The scientific method, in order to prove something, REQUIRES with no exceptions repeatable tests yielding the same result each time.

If you cannot perform the test and obtain the same result, then you cannot scientifically prove it. Period end of story.

Does it mean it's not true? No. Does it mean there is no scientific proof for it? Yes.

It's quite simple. Opinions and beliefs regarding the test subject or process are irrelevant to whether the test was conducted and results reproduced or not, which is very black and white.

This is why Darwin himself said his own theory was not scientific because it was not scientifically provable.

Anyone who believes in evolution as being scientifically proven is a RELIGIONIST no different than any other religionist, because they believe in something on faith, unprovable by science.