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Good points.

May I add a few more?

I heard a lecture by a man who grew up in Tennessee. He related how, in the mid 60's or so, during the early days of the War on Poverty, federal employees went through town after town, knocking on everyone's doors to ask them if they would like to sign up for welfare. That is called a moral hazard. Some people will cave, lose their self-respect, and take government money. When that starts, no good can come of it. What the feds did was deliberate.

The sexual revolution in the 60's, which went hand in hand with recreational drugs, also changed society for the worse. I lived 90 minutes from San Francisco and Haight Ashbury and the hippies. The notion of marriage and sex started becoming cheapened, and along with that, children and family. Abortion came out of all that as naturally as summer follows spring. The slippery slope was on, and we are probably going to ride it all the way to the bottom.

Countless millions of babies were slaughtered for convenience, the convenience of the middle class. It was the middle class that jumped in and started aborting babies. Our culture was embracing sex with no responsibility. The Supreme Court lied, and people died. This is not history book stuff for me; I lived through the change in our country. It's not like only ghetto babies were killed, or crack babies, so that now, 40 years later we can excuse all the killing by saying, oh it was the dregs of society anyway and no one wanted them so it's better that they were all killed. No, millions of those babies were wanted, but convenience, boyfriend/husband/parental pressure won. Millions of young women were lied to about what abortion is, and millions of women today live with deep regrets and trauma. There were Planned Parenthood clinics that dispensed free birth control pills that were deliberately of such a low dose that the high school girls taking them would get pregnant and then have to pay a lot of money to the same clinic to get an abortion.

It's not like we aborted all of these children to save our society from black crack babies.