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Sorry. I meant to be

Sorry. I meant to be encouraging Ecard, by saying it was a great idea. I was just making the point that the detail involved is immense. I'm very interested, and would consider helping in some way. Research is sort of my area. I'm also pretty good at conceptualizing ideas.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, BUT just a word of advice. Usually there are tons of people up front who are "excited to help." Most of them won't show up when work is involved.

For example, I applied for $300,000 grant from the Department of Justice (my pre-libertarian days). The project was time consuming, laborious, and difficult. I had six people tell me they were "in." Once the work started, no one showed. I applied for the grant and got it without them.

If you are determined, don't let anyone stop you.