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"We ALL believe our positions are correct (or else we would change them)."

I don't believe Anarchists think their ideas work. They can't defend their ideas, and when they try Communist crap starts seeping out.

I think they know Anarchism fails. To NOT know that would be to believe they're blind to the world and have no eyes, ears, or functioning minds. I say they're highly intelligent frauds who just want to destroy what stands between them and what they actually DO want and support.

I don't turn a blind eye to people fighting against everything that has any value defending liberty. I don't turn a blind eye to people who condemn the very idea of justice.

Look at some of the comments from these Anarchists: "All politicians are statists."

These people have nothing but hate for anyone defending liberty, yet they need mobs to get what they want, so they're here at the Daily Paul trying to "cause a revolution", but not because liberty is any friend of theirs.