Comment: Any way you try to sell it, this is bad.

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Any way you try to sell it, this is bad.

Unfortunately there are more D voters that R voters. This has shown true in the last two elections. As far as third party voters, their numbers comparatively, are nil.

See charts:

By the stats, something like this only serves a purpose for guaranteeing the nauseating nightmare of Democrat presidential control these days, and nothing else.

The sales claim that it would help third parties is hollow. Third parties in this day and age could never compete with democrat voters numbers. Currently, neither could republican voters, which would leave only one possible horrific outcome - more Democrat presidents.

And with Democrat voter numbers being the majority, I wouldn't even consider supporting this.

Besides, we are a republic for a reason. We are not, nor was it intended to be, a pure democracy.

This is not to say that the current electoral college system isn't compromised by spineless party loyal fools afraid to utilize its full potential by voting rogue, but a National Popular Vote is not the magic answer, getting involved in the current system and utilizing it is.