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Comment: Ah, but I wouldn't call it Soverenty.

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Ah, but I wouldn't call it Soverenty.

I know what you're saying, and I have had to distill the illustration of my rational quite a bit in order to explain it to people I talk to who aren't as well versed in these subjects as we are. But it goes something like this:

Men and Women have natural human rights. The globe has been divided up in to a vast number of lawful (and some unlawful) governmental jurisdictions. Each governmental jurisdiction stands in support of a human being's natural rights to varying degrees.

Now, One gets to choose which jurisdiction and subsequent nationality, he want to live in. So, the question is, which jurisdiction will afford him the most protection of his natural rights? Barring the option of being a stateless person, and thus having no nationality, he's got to choose one.

Does he choose US citizenship? A US citizen relinquishes his natural rights in favor of Federal Government granted Civil Rights, and is subject to its statutory law rather than common law. This is because the jurisdiction of the United States only encompasses land outside that of the American Union: DC, Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, & etc. where the Constitution has no force or effect. None of these places is "guaranteed a republican form of government," for instance. Indeed DC has the most glaringly UN-republican form of government of all. And a US citizen merely resides in a state because his nationality, and pledge of allegiance, is made to the United States and its jurisdiction.

Or does one choose the nationality of the State in which he was naturally born, such as New Hampshire where he would holds the status of "Non-Resident Alien of the United States?" Only the land encompassed by the nations in the Union, and the inhabitants there of, have access to the protections of their own State Constitutions, each of which are held accountable to the standards of the Constitution for the Union. This is where the common law exists and one's natural rights are best protected. It is also the jurisdiction where one is a law giver, and as such, is above Statutory Law.

Why on earth would anyone choose to be a US subject citizen when he could be a member of the body politic who founded the Union: "We The People.."

As I said before, it's all about jurisdiction. It is not really about sovereignty. The Marxists in the federal government will toy with, and badger, anyone who straddles the line while maintaining a foot in their legal jurisdiction.

Get out and be free.

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