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I Know You Have Been

made to believe they are our friends, but show us actual evidence of this illusion? I could show you thousands of documented evidence they are or should be considered our enemy! The Lavan Affair, The USS Liberty Attack, Many unreported espionage accounts equal to or greater than what Jonathan Pollard was tried and convicted, and how AIPAC bribes politicains (Rand a possiblity?) to support Israel or they will make sure they lose the next election by funding (with our Billions of Tax Dollars given each year) another favored candidate, just to name a few. If you really want to learn about the many factions behind the creation of Israel read this speech (there are recordings on the net) by former Jewish Zionist formenting insider, who sat on Wilson and FDR cabinet meetings, who later converted to Christianity and told the 'real' Truth, Benjamin Freedman.