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None of your links address the concerns brought up. This just shows me and everyone else that you are a bitcoin pusher and nothing more.

I like bitcoin, I think it could be a great medium of exchange, but unlike you I'm honest about its faults.

You haven't addressed the internet outage issue, you haven't address the market being cornered, you haven't address the every growing size of the blockchain, and you certainly have not addressed the RAPID rise in bitcoin price in recent weeks, that to any observer of markets would tell you looks like the making of a huge bubble, and neither do the links you provided.

Address them or not, it's plain for everyone to see that you are an overzealous pusher. You are the one claiming that they will liberate us, yet you've left me the the burden of proof after I've already pointed out scenarios where gold/silver and even FRNs beat out bitcoin.

If it's so damn simple minded an internet search would reveal how bitcoins survive those scenarios I proposed then please enlighten us with the simplicity. Of course you are free to refuse and leave us all in the dark, but if that's what you wanted, you never should have said anything about bitcoins to begin with. So go ahead, enlighten us.