Comment: *let* Iran have nukes?

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*let* Iran have nukes?

I'm sorry, but that's just arrogant. What Iran does is Iran's business, unless it directly interferes with US interests, NOT corporate/political/other interests. There is absolutely no evidence that the Iranians are building a nuke, or have the capacity to launch one far enough that it would hit the US.

But hey, I guess it's okay that Israel has hundreds of what used to be US nukes.

And no, Iran isn't our enemy, at least not mine. Most Iranians *used* to like the US, until recent years. Even now, many only hate our government, rather than us as a people.

It's not just Iran, either. It's every country we have ever had any sort of relations with. We never, EVER mind our own damn business. The MIC (of MFC, as some have taken to calling it) creates its own enemies with an arrogant foreign policy based on the equally arrogant concept of "exceptionalism", and with a little help from their friends in the MSM, always have a convenient excuse to start another war. When is enough going to be enough?

At this rate, the average American won't feel "safe" until the entire planet has been bombed into capitulation.

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