Comment: It Seems Schiff has Finally

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It Seems Schiff has Finally

come out and exposed himself. I was pretty sure by his stance when he ran for Senator, he was a Zionist, but he just assured me of it.
I would have even given him the benefit of doubt, but when it comes to greed or rightousness, a follwer of the Talmud will always chose greed. This brings me to the message by Christ in Matthew 16:6, which all Christians should read. Oh, many of you probable don't know the definition of Judaism, or what the Talmud represents, search both to learn. I would tell you, but if you have to research and think for yourself, you will have a much better concept of what you have learned. I am in no way stating all Jew believe in all what the Talmud teaches, but you should learn what is written in it, to uderstand how it is being used against us. Beware of the Deceivers!