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When considering the internet

itself as the real driver of extensive adoption there is only one last logical hurdle for the internet perspective; one needs internet access to be paid for in Bitcoins/Competing Currencies. As I am writing this I realize that the picture of true independence when viewed from this currency lens really becomes who or what services will continue to require FRNs?

As a matter of fact when one thinks about it in terms of opting out of debt slavery and independence from a completely tyrannical control freak system we can begin to clearly point out who demands slavery and who does not, hence, identify who is a criminal under natural common law and who is not. The answer exists in the question who will continue to force the use FRNs? Lets explore this concept for a quick second of who is the most likely to force debt slavery or at least purposefully implement extensive inconveniences for those who avoid the use of FRNs:
Electricity Companies
Property Tax Collectors
Internet Service Providers(?)
Local State and Federal "Courts" along with "Law Enforcement"
Commercial Airlines
Toll Roads
Shipping Companies
State and National Parks
Car Manufacturers
Anybody else want to add to this??

Maybe a mass effort to reach out to major players in the vital commercial industries above should be given notice that those who migrate to the new private currency will be generally economically favored over those who do not. We could use the power of our purse to persuade them into leaving the psychopathic zombie war bankers in the dust forever.

When viewing this whole topic anonymity/privacy is inherently at the center of this conscious migration to a new form of value exchange and seeing the full scope of the source of FRNs issuance relating directly back to our Identification/Birth Certificates and the resulting slavery to this ID being their primary object that evinces a design to reduce us to absolute despotism, the other primary objective for Freedom becomes not only the deletion of FRNs from our existence but also the very corporate identity of the legal "PERSON" that is claim to be indebted and enslaved to this system. They are purposefully building the world where ID is required just to move around. This is inherently a second and equal pillar in achieving real freedom; trashing their centralized slave IDs and refusing to use them. This is when can really identify the real bad guys/terrorists/criminals. The real bad guys are those who force us to use their ID and Currency to operate freely and privately. Moving to a new currency naturally enables us to really call out the tyrants. But seeing who forces ID also reveals the same individuals.

In fact, I just realized the same Bitcoin concept could be used for private ID. Everyone has an incentive to build good character and a good background because this has inherent natural value and good credit. It doesn't matter if the ID is sourced from one entity or not and does not even matter if there is more than one. The only thing that matters is that when one claims identity that the other either accepts that ID or not.

Either way, if each of us wants to truly be free we must delete from our reality both debt notes controlled by them and ID issued and tracked by them. These two things are their primary tool of enslavement. Shedding them is our fastest pathway to freedom.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...