Comment: The son is not the father

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The son is not the father

"Are you serious? I sent the man money last year."

So did I, but that's why Anarchists masquerade as something they aren't. They need to use people to get what they want, chaos and destruction. I now regret it, so I'm doing damage control.

"I am not a communist."

Are you an Anarchist? Please. Don't let these people use you.

I'm not either, but I also know Ron Paul won't be honest to people about what he is, and won't ever tell people what's wrong with Anarchism because he doesn't think there's nothing wrong with Anarchism. He's an acolyte of Murray Rothbard (as the Anarchists say).

He says his "message is perfect". That's called being an idealist, and in today's world we should recognize idealists for what they are, people selling an idea that doesn't work in the real world, Judas Goats, liars, and frauds leading people towards something that fails.

"Is Rand Paul a Communist too?"

I'm not sure. The son is not the father, and a son can learn important lessons his father never intended to teach him. If not, we're all doomed to be savages. You should want your son to become more than you are, and I can't help noticing they aren't on the same page. I sense a deep seated struggle between the two.

"Who else in our government are communists? I thought the progressives were the communists."

I don't know the inner workings of everyone's mind, but I could find real quick. Anybody supporting a central bank is the kind of person who embraces Communism, and fighting The Fed doesn't mean you reject the idea of our government using a central bank to print fiat money.