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Comment: Ok I couldn't listen at work

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Ok I couldn't listen at work

Ok I couldn't listen at work but..

He didn't say blow Iran up. He said blow up the facility where they were making nukes.

Yes, I disagree, but he hasn't 'gone off the reservation' of libertarian thought.

I'm an ancap, I don't believe in any of this crap. Until we have a free society, and to the extent we have to have a statist military I'd just like to use all the money on missile defense.

But the idea of just blowing up the nukes as opposed to invading.. does that really mean he's a chickenhawk? I don't think so. Also of course he's running for senate here, he's gonna be tempted to sound a little more hawkish.

I'm antiwar. But this doesn't 'offend' me. If we had followed this same advice in Iraq, just blew up Saddam in his palace, we'd be way better off today. Again I don't even think we should have done that, just saying there's evil.. and misguided. Peter's comment doesn't fall into the evil category.

Now maybe his name does for some ppl. But not his words.