Comment: How did companys deal with the issue prior to drug testing?

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How did companys deal with the issue prior to drug testing?

Also, I find your story bizarre:
"My parents owned a small business for 30+ years. They had one of their "managers" who was living in a company-provided mobile home sell all the furniture and everything not nailed down inside to buy drugs. It was at that time my dad considered requiring drug tests for employees."

You need drug testing to confirm this guy was using drugs? Once the guy started selling $hit from a company owned home...I'd have gotten a clue the guy was not to be trusted.

As far as getting another job...thats getting to be impossible. Its been a while since I've worked for someone else but last time I was filling out seems everyone was drug testing. Of course congress and bankers are fact most "executives" are not subjected to the same rules as the rank and file...BUT, I can promise you...the % of executives that use drugs is the same as the % of rank and file who use drugs...execs are just "above" having to deal with such issues. (I'm 50 and I've been to many parties thrown by associates who I worked with in administration and drugs were always available at one of the tables by the pool or outside in the garage)

My problem with the coke driver is the guy had already been drug tested in the past as part of his condition of employment. He has been working there for 20 years and there is zero probable cause to think he has ever used drugs but "policy" demands he prove he is innocent. And yes I'm aware that insurance companys "require" this stuff now but its the collusion of corporations, government, law enforcement, medical mafia, etc that are making it impossible to live how you choose to live and still be able to secure a job of any kind if you choose to injest a substance that The State has decided it does not want you to injest.

I can't think of a single drug that is more dangerous and causes more lost work hours than alcohol. I'd MUCH rather hire someone that smokes weed or uses some other drug than I would a heavy drinker. As long as the person is not impaired or dangerous what difference is it to me what a person chooses to consume in order to make themselves feel good or be happy? Its perfectly fine to get hooked on psychotropic meds like antidepressents and get a job anywhere. The government is not against drugs...they are just against drugs that THEY don't deal to you.