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The Title...

...of this thread is curious, e.g., 'Ron Paul supporters', rather than constitutionalists, limited-government and/or liberty advocates.

Ron Paul was simply a messenger and a candidate for office, who is no longer one. He is not and was not the embodiment of 'Liberty', so the categorization is curious.

That aside, it does not surprise me in the least to see so many people advocating taking various forms of govt 'assistance'.

It should surprise me, but after seeing much of what passes for 'liberty advocacy' by so many members here, it does not.

So, one should accept money which is unearned/un-contracted for which is involuntarily stolen from others, to supplement your individual living arrangements, food and other aspects of your individual life.....nice.

Of course, one grubbing this money/assistance, necessitates the guaranteed continued and increasing theft of money from those who work for it....again, nice.