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Well, I am pretty sure that Ron Paul is NOT an anarchist

or a Communist. His voting record is Constitutionalist. As a matter of fact he is one of the few that uphold the Constitution. How much have you listened to Ron Paul? Can you prove your words??

"Getting rid of the fed is a beginning, not an end, and I suspect Ron Paul knows how it ends. People will bow down praising the government for "saving us" when they force a new form of fiat money into circulation, one controlled by a central bank."

The point is to have an end before the beginning of the end. The point is to have competition along side the Fed so that if it does belly up or if there are other strong arm tactics the people already have sound money. Ron Paul advocates a Gold standard without fractional reserve banking. I do not think that is fiat.

I am not an expert though. I have only been supporting Ron Paul for a year. Everything I hear is on the up and up from Ron Paul. Liberty is a big umbrella and there are those under it that may have other ideas...I don't know, but that is a concern to me. Not Ron Paul.