Comment: Meh.. Your overreacting.

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Meh.. Your overreacting.

First off, Im not a fan of cops, or their riot gear, or their training that tells them Im a potential terrorist, or of DHS buying 5 bullets for every American and the 2,700 armored vehicles.. just thinking of this makes me angry. However...

I didnt see any 'torture' per se. Yes the Captain spayed the young man with a chemical in his face and the kid cried. The Captain sprayed the kid AFTER he started yelling, cursed, and spit on another cop. Important to note the kid's progressing aggressive behavior. Spraying the kid in the face halted that behavior. During the dialogue, the Captain said "this has been going on for two days". So this behavior has been ongoing.. and reached a point where several officers had to put on riot gear, physically restrain the kid, and escort him to an isolated cell. Clearly, this is prison. And, in my expert opinion, this kid has psych issues. Whatever crime he committed to get put in prison must also be understood with the fact that he can have some kind of mental condition and could be a violent individual.

This was an ugly scene. Ive seen several ugly scenes like this before. Ive seen torture. This was not torture. I saw restraint on the part of the cops. I saw proper technique. Only the Captain was talking. The other cops were silent, no one was mocking him, or agitating him,.. I watched the behavior of the other cops and they did not seem to be enjoying themselves. If this was an abuse, if this was torture, I would be the first to call to punish the guilty... But this was not it. Trust me.
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