Comment: This whole bill is "structuring government according to

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This whole bill is "structuring government according to

political weather", because that faction pushing it and attached agenda sees their current advantage. Why do you think it miraculously came up now, at this particular time? And is being presented as 'great for everyone' when by current statistics, it is far from it.

And why on earth would anyone attempt to sell destroying the republic to libertarians of all people?

Somebody deciding to push this here had no clue how important the republic aspect is to libertarians. No libertarian designed this monstrosity.

Certainly republicans, also at a disadvantage at this time wouldn't have conceived it.

That only leaves one group left standing in the stink. The ones that it would benefit right now - Democrats. Especially when they know their dear leader's term limit is up. So why not attempt to change the rules now and utilize the statistics to guarantee another democrat victory when the time comes?

The electoral college is the single tool that gives a powerful voice and opportunity to the minority to protect themselves from the majority mob rule.

The structure that is already in place, was the intended one for a reason - a republic. Why completely eradicate it?